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CCC Access Pro Update (2018-09-28)

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2018 02:44PM PST

What will happen on your device when an update is available:
  • On Windows and Macintosh systems, you will be prompted to download an installer for the updated application. Open the newly downloaded installer and follow any prompts displayed to install the updated application. (If your district facilitated the existing application you have, they will be responsible for pushing out the update.)

  • On iOS and Android devices, your application may automatically update, depending on your device settings, or you can go to the App Store or Google Play and find the new version of the application in a list of pending updates.

If you are updating from the "original" version of any of these applications (meaning your current installation was performed before September 28, 2018), there are some additional steps to follow.

  1. Unlike the original version of the application, your password to CCC Access Pro is now identical to your password to the Learning Hub.

  2. It is important to update *all* of your applications at approximately the same time. For instance, if you have a copy of CCC Access Pro on your laptop, and another one on your phone or tablet, update *both* applications before entering your email address and password into either one.

  3. For Windows and Macintosh updates, the original application will not be uninstalled. We strongly urge you to delete the original application before you install the new one. (See below for more information.)

Remember that you can only have two active devices connected to your CCC Access Pro account concurrently.

More information about the Windows/Macintosh application update:
We strongly urge you to uninstall the original application, marked as "CCC Access" as opposed to the new "CCC Access Pro" before you install the new application. On Macintosh devices, both of these applications will *not* be in your Launchpad by default -- you may need to go to your Applications folder within Finder. [Note: This "CCC Access" application from your original installation is not real CCC Access, that is, the platform used to review materials for SIPPS and Collaborative Literacy, grades K - 5. There are no Windows or Macintosh applications for the real CCC Access.]
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