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Accessing CSC Digital Materials

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2018 02:41PM PDT

This information is meant to assist anyone that is attempting to access digital materials for the 2nd edition of Caring School Community (CSC), released in August-September 2018. There are no digital materials for the 1st edition.

Many of the resources are available on the Learning Hub (our website), but the Digital Teacher Manuals and Digital Principal Manuals themselves are only available via CCC Access Pro, a separate application that needs to be installed on your device.

These instructions have been updated as of the release of a new version of CCC Access Pro on September 28, 2018.

You must have a Learning Hub account to proceed. If you have not created a Learning Hub account, follow the instructions found here. You will be able to select components of CSC as you finish creating your account, or add/remove components any time after your account creation is complete, as follows.

Once Step 1 below is complete, you will receive an email notification within 12-24 hours (on business days) that your CCC Access Pro account is ready.

  1. Open your Profile (if you already have an account, you can access your profile by clicking your name at the top right corner -- more detailed instructions can be found here). Go to the Licenses section and select the CSC2e tab. Claim licenses for the packages you would like to use. Unlike our other programs, there are no trials for CSC. If you are unable to check the box for the CSC package you desire, the Learning Hub does not have a record of you or your affiliated institution having purchased that package; if you believe you are entitled to access, please follow the instructions here.

  2. From the Learning Hub homepage, click on a CSC book cover to go to its resource page. At the top left corner of any CSC resource page, click on the "Digital Teacher's Set Instructions" link. Follow the instructions on installing CCC Access Pro for the device you are using.

  3. To login to the CCC Access Pro application, you will need to wait until your CCC Access Pro account is ready (you should receive an email within 12-24 hours of completing step 1, but you can try to login even if you don't receive it). Your password to CCC Access Pro is identical to your password to the Learning Hub, regardless of what password is displayed in that email.

  4. Once you have signed into CCC Access Pro, you can click on any book cover to download it to your device. Once the book is downloaded, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to view the book.

Note that you can only have two active devices connected to your CCC Access Pro account concurrently.
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