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School Year Switchover

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018 05:07PM PDT
For the 2018-2019 school year, CCC is changing the way in which "school year switchover" occurs.

In prior years (e.g., the summer of 2017), any classes or groups you might have entered during the previous school year were removed from view. This action was done to prepare for classes and groups for the upcoming school year. That date was historically near the end of July and it occurred for all users at the same time. This process of removing data from view (no data is actually removed from the system and your access to program resources is not affected) is called the "school year switchover".  

This year, each district (or organization) that decides it would like a "school year switchover" to occur for the 2018–19 school year will work with the CCC Technical Support team to schedule that date and ensure that the users associated with that district (or organization) are prepared before it happens.

If your district (or organization) does elect to do a "school year switchover":

  • One of your customer administrators will hopefully communicate this date to you once it has been determined by them, and they may also give you additional instructions (when to begin entering data associated with the upcoming school year).

  • To prepare, you might download or email yourself any class or group assessments you generated, in order to reflect upon differences from the prior year to the upcoming one.

  • To assist this upcoming school year's teacher, you might verify that any students you created have the proper SIS ID, so that their student record will be readily found (doing so really helps in the SIPPS program, to ensure that the last passed mastery test is available). You might also take note of the groups (for instance, which students were in each group and what was covered or where you ended the year) you created.

  • Note that the interactive whiteboard activities associated with Being a Writer, Making Meaning, and Being a Reader will be reset to their original configuration after the "school year switchover".

If your district (or organization) does not elect to do a "school year switchover", there will be no changes to the groups and classes you see. You may wish to rename or remove groups, or rename ClassView classes, on your own to prepare for the upcoming school year. 

A "school year switchover" can only occur if you have a customer administrator associated with your account. If you are unsure whether your district (or organization) is planning to do a "school year switchover", please contact one of your customer administrators directly. If you feel that your district (or organization) would benefit from a "school year switchover", make sure that an appropriate individual creates a Learning Hub account and then learns more about becoming a customer administrator.
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