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Foundational Reading Standards

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 12:17PM PST

How does Being a Reader address the foundational reading standards?

Being a Reader was developed specifically to address the foundational standards described in the introductory paragraph of the Common Core State Standards for foundational skills:

These standards are directed toward fostering students’ understanding and working knowledge of concepts of print, the alphabetic principle, and other basic conventions of the English writing system. These foundational skills are not an end in and of themselves; rather, they are necessary and important components of an effective, comprehensive reading program designed to develop proficient readers with the capacity to comprehend texts across a range of types and disciplines. Instruction should be differentiated: good readers will need much less practice with these concepts than struggling readers will. The point is to teach students what they need to learn and not what they already know—to discern when particular children or activities warrant more or less attention.

Whole-class and small-group instructional components work together to create an environment in which students learn to love reading and engage with text and also receive differentiated instruction in the particular challenges they face at each step of their reading development.
Small-group instruction, each student moves at his or her own pace along a continuum of reading development. Working with students in small groups allows you to efficiently meet the needs of individual readers as you teach strategies and skills the students apply in independent reading. This approach provides a way to teach students just what they need to know next to read more challenging text. Students do not receive instruction in concepts they already know or are not yet ready to learn. The structure of small-group reading sets provides a smooth transition from lessons focused on foundational skills to lessons focused on comprehension instruction.

Additionally, review the IES>WWC Practice Guide Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade and read about how Being a Reader supports each of the four recommendations:

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