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SIS ID Replacement

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2016 09:11PM PDT


SIS IDs exist for each user, student, and each class on the Learning Hub. They serve as the unique identifier for each of these items on the Learning Hub, within the scope of a given institution (for public schools, the scope is the entire district). Each SIS ID type is independent of the other two. In other words, Public School District A could have the same SIS ID for a user, student, and class, which could be the same as the SIS ID for a user, student, or class at Public School District B (or C, D, …).  

SIS ID replacement might be necessary if an admin or user had previously added a user or student with an “improper” SIS ID. However, the most common scenarios for SIS ID replacement are:

  • a user creates their own account (there is currently no way for a user to view or change their SIS ID)
  • a student was added in 2015-2016 using ClassView or the SIPPS assessment app with an incorrect or blank SIS ID

In these cases, the CCC Learning Hub assigns a unique auto-generated ID to the user or student. It is strongly advised to replace the ID with the SIS ID used by the district.


How to replace SIS IDs using Customer Admin

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