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Last Updated: Dec 23, 2015 11:05AM PST
How do I know where to start SIPPS instruction?  
Use the appropriate placement test for your grade level. There are two different placement assessments, one for K–3 and a second one for grades 4 and above.

Why must students know 21 letter names before starting the program?
Knowledge of letter names is a broad indicator of readiness to begin reading instruction. In the SIPPS program, students also need to know the letter names in order to learn sight words, since they spell each word as part of the routines for learning and reviewing sight words.

How was the order for teaching the phonics and sight words determined? 
Spelling-sounds and high-frequency words are introduced in order of utility to allow students to begin to read connected text as quickly as possible.

What is the expected outcome for students on the mastery tests?
Students are expected to be able to pass the mastery tests. If many of your students are not passing the mastery tests, we recommend that you slow the pace of instruction by teaching both the A and B lesson options. You should pace instruction to match the trajectory of student learning.

What is the SIPPS stance on the pronunciation of the word “the”?
SIPPS advocates that teachers use the language that will sound most natural to their students when teaching SIPPS lessons. Depending on local dialect(s), the word “the” may be pronounced in different ways.
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