School Year Switchover

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2017 09:57AM PDT
At the beginning of each new school year, the data you've entered from the previous year is removed from view in order to prepare for a new set of classes, groups, and students. None of this data has been removed from the system or "archived" into a prior year. 

For 2017–18, the default switchover date is July 30, 2017. On July 31, 2017, any ClassView classes or SIPPS groups you had in 2016–17 will no longer be visible. Consequently, the students and their associated data will also not be visible. In addition, any saved states for the interactive whiteboard activities in Being a Writer or Making Meaning are reset to their original configuration.

Depending on your district, your administrative team may be responsible for assigning the current year's students to you. In other cases, you will need to add the students assigned to you to the SIPPS assessment app and ClassView. 

However, there are situations in which it makes sense for a user to maintain the same SIPPS groups (strictly speaking, to start a new school year with the SIPPS groups and students therein as they existed at the end of the previous school year). The most common situation is one in which the user is a SIPPS intervention teacher.

If you believe that you should have the SIPPS groups (and the students therein) copied from the 2016–17 year to the 2017–18 year, please fill out this form

If you have any other concerns about access to prior years data, please e-mail us at with a subject line that begins with "
2016–17 Data:".
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